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Thursday 9 August 2012

Red Cliff

Seriously. It's an awesome movie and you should watch it at once. And with one-liners like "I never expected I would be defeated by a cup of tea" I'm at a loss to explain the complete absence of internet memes. Sure, it's 5 hours long and subtitled, but so what ? It's 5 hours of AWESOME. After watching the blu-ray, I have no problem with labelling this as one of the most spectacular films of all time, right up there with Waterloo. So go out and buy it right now. That is all I have to say.


  1. wow. thats like saying its better than apocalypse now. which it clearly isn't even in the same league. seen it, very average, overblowen and too long in some places.

  2. Actually, I was very careful to use the words "most spectacular" instead of "greatest". I mean it's hardly Jurassic Park. Overblown ? Yes, I agree, but it's obviously supposed to be. Too long in places ? I agree with this too (although the theatrical release of 2.5 hours was far too short). But very average ? Nope, sorry, it deserves more than that.

  3. and its no way better than face/off another woo film. doesn't feature the line "peaches. i can eat a peach for hours"


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