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Sunday 3 May 2015

Ask An Astronomer Anything At All About Astronomy (IV)

Five short questions this week as I've been concentrating on an animation which should be done very shortly.

Although I'll continue answering questions wherever I find them, there probably won't be any further updates to the Q&A page for a few weeks. Next week I'm holiday. The week after the week after that I'm on holiday again, which is nice. But in the gap there will be an extra-special Q&A replacement ! On May 22nd, by the kind invitation of Ciro Villa, I shall be appearing as a guest on a Universe Today's Weekly Space Hangout. Join us as I look gormless in front of the camera and babble incoherently about hydrogen !

1) If the expansion of space is speeding up, can it eventually exceed the speed of light ?
Sort of yes, if you like, only not really.

2) In relation to earthquakes, can the Earth's axis change over time ?
God, I hope not.

3) Do astronauts on the ISS age differently to people on the ground ?
A leeetle bit, yes.

4) If the Universe is infinite, does that mean impossible things are happening somewhere ?
It isn't and they're not.

5) Can we calculate gravity on other planets ?

I also slightly updated the question, Is the Universe infinite ?

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