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Sunday 13 December 2015

Ask An Astronomer Anything At All About Astronomy (XII)

Some very difficult questions this week. See the Q&A page for the complete list.

1) How tall does a building need to be for you to be weightless on the top of it ?

2) Was Giodarno Bruno a scientist ?

3) Will we ever see a naked-eye supernova ?

4) Will gravitational waves give us advance warning of a supernova ?

5) Would a supernova at the distance of Alpha Centauri be bad ?

6) Are the physical constants really constant ?

7) Does ordinary matter become repulsive at high velocities ?

8) What is white matter ?
Some brain thingy.

9) What would happen if a black hole collided with a white hole ?
They wouldn't.

10) What causes inertia ?
A wizard did it.

11) Could we ever see right back to the Big Bang ?
Probably not.

12) Would we feel the blast from a supernova at the same time as we saw the explosion ?

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