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Monday 29 February 2016

Ask An Astronomer Anything At All About Astronomy (XVIII)

A small batch of questions this week as I'm concentrating on a number of visualisation projects right now.

1) Since matter can never be created or destroyed, are you the same age as the Universe ?
It can and you aren't.

2) If we can see back in time is it also possible to see forwards in time ?

3) Does the Sun make a corkscrew motion around the centre of the Galaxy ?

4) If the Sun moves out of the plane of the Galaxy wouldn't it spiral inwards ?

5) How do we know about the Sun's motion through the Galaxy ?
By looking very carefully.

6) If you travel fast enough will you turn into a black hole ?
I'm very grateful to Jonah Miller to answering this question, originally asked some weeks ago, which I could not. Thanks, Jonah !
No ! But yes. Maybe. It's complicated.


  1. Could dark matter be the effect of a parallel universe on our universe?

    1. Nope.


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