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Sunday 10 April 2016

Ask An Astronomer Anything At All About Astronomy XXII

This week sees the important milestone of the 202nd question. Hooray !

1) Is space globally curved ?

2) Is the Universe shaped like a doughnut ?
Sure, why not.

3) What's the speed of the Earth through space if the whole Solar System is moving ?
Very fast.

4) Yeah but really, could Steady State be the answer after all ?
No. Sshh.

5) Can you spin a ball to make artificial gravity ?
Err, yeah. But don't.

6) Is Planety McPlanetface real ?

7) Why don't you like Planety McPlanetface ?
Because it's stupid.

8) Why do Space X love boats ?
It's a romantic abnormality. Best not to go into details.

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