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Sunday 8 May 2016

Ask An Astronomer Anything At All About Astronomy (XXIII)

A significant dearth of these posts of later owing to other time commitments. Still, here are the questions I've been able to round up over the last few weeks :

1) Is there an ordered sequence to galaxy evolution ?
No, it's a bloody great mess.

2) Could ultra-diffuse galaxies just be normal galaxies at a different stage of their evolution ?
Sure, why not.

3) Can you do science without the scientific method.

4) Are astronauts wasting time by doing marathons on the International Space Station ?
They're allowed free time, you jerk. And anyway their bones would decay if they didn't, so there.

5) Could Unruh radiation explain galactic rotation ?
Whatever Unruh radiation is I'm sure it's not as sexy as Uhura radiation.

6) How does the expansion of space cause redshift ? Where does the energy of each photon go ?

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  1. Re 6: Are we sure the Tired Light Theory was wrong, then?


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