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Sunday 2 July 2017

Ask An Astronomer Anything At All About Astronomy (XLI)

Various reasons have conspired for the unusually long delay since the last AAAAAAAA, and will likely do so for at least the next couple of weeks, but this little addition pushes the total of questions up to 351.

1) Would Star Wars have been better if there was an astronomer on board the Millennium Falcon ?
Err... this depends heavily on your definition of better. Let's just say it would have been different.

2) Why are these stars moving on a weird W-shaped path ?
They're drunk.

3) What do you think of Planety McPlanetface ?
Very little unless it owes me money.

4) What makes the Northern Lights appear green ?

5) How many planets have we found that can support life ?
I dunno, how many do you need ?

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