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Saturday 30 July 2016

Ask An Astronomer Anything At All About Astronomy (XXVI)

Even though Brexit continues to be an ongoing calamity, it's probably time to resume the ever-popular Q&A posts. Don't forget there are actual answers in the links - it's not just me making snide remarks.

1) If nothing can escape from a black hole, why do they have jets ?
Everyone deserves their own private jet. Stop judging them, you socialist.

2) Why is Martin Rees calling for an end to human space missions ?
Because he's an elitist moron.

3) Does centripetal gravity affect different masses differently ?
No. Except for yo momma, because she's so fat.

4) Have we reached the end of physics ?

5) Could we build a space battle cruiser if we really, really needed to ?
Probably, but I say that if we're going to make war on the Universe then we do it properly.

6) If aliens visited Earth, what would be the hardest universal human behaviour to explain ?
Pokemon Go.

7) How do you know that dark matter is diffuse ?
Because I'm clever.

8) Could we all be aliens ?
I suppose so.

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