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Wednesday 2 February 2011

Totally Dinosaur

Karen Brady's description of two sexist overpaid yobbos as "totally dinosaur" is an unwitting compliment. Everyone knows that 1) dinosaur is not an adjective and 2) dinosaurs are awesome even though they're dead. Perhaps Karen has a personal ratings system for prehistoric animals, which would explain point 1 (point 2 is explained by her being too busy making money to appreciate dinosaurs). I should very much like to know the details of this unusual adjective system she's developed but I'm too scared to write and ask her. I guess it would look something like this, putting dinosaurs in their proper place, of course.

This isn't my idea. I stole it off someone else, but he doesn't have a blog so can't tell the world about it. He does have a website though - go there now and buy some T-shirts at low low prices !

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