Follow the reluctant adventures in the life of a Welsh astrophysicist sent around the world for some reason, wherein I photograph potatoes and destroy galaxies in the name of science. And don't forget about my website,


You can buy prints and other renderings of my art here. Go on, you know you want to.

What's that ? You'd actually like to see the images first ? Oh. OK then. I'm only placing the highlights here. For a complete gallery, and explanations of the images, see my much under-visited website. Here they are then, in no particular order.


  1. Thought this page was the best place for my comment:
    I've seen your other website too, the one that holds a lot of your really nice xeelee sequence art, only a lot of the links on it are broken, including download links for some blender files and blender instruction pdfs. And some of your images seem to be missng too, plus the "video" file for what I expect to be a fascinating look at the "riding the rock" short story doesn't seem to work in any normal video playing (like vlc or the built-in plugins in firefox and chrome) program. Any chance the links and orvideo might ever be repaired. It's great to see work for things like the xeelee sequence and your orion/deep space force stuff but it would be nice to be able to see the blender stuff and tutorials and links and such too. Thanks

    1. That's funny, none of the image links should be broken. I couldn't find any on a quick check, any in particular that you spotted ?

      Links to other files are another, more complicated story... I'll check, but they tend to be hugely outdated anyway. The "Riding the Rock" movie, however, DOES work - but you'll specifically need QuickTime to view it (used to work in-browser, but I think these days you have to download). It's not actually a movie, it's a 360 VR still which is why it confuses other movie players. At one stage I tried using Google+ for these, which worked well except that Google don't maintain it very well so it periodically breaks.


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