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Adventures In Time And Space !

Or at any rate, misadventures that take time and occur in space... My job seems to involve quite a lot of flitting about the world. Here I will keep track of where I am and where I've been, with links to the appropriate posts. In chronological order, earliest first...

Prior to 2006 I went on a 24 hour trip to France and a fortnight's holiday in Ireland. That's it for trips outside the UK.

2006-2007 : I went to Arizona for a completely unsuccessful observing run, then up to Flagstaff, Meteor crater and the Grand Canyon for lols. Which was much more successful. On the way back I got stuck in a posh hotel for a night.
In late Janurary I went to Arecibo for my first, hellish, 6-week stay. I had no driving license, no laptop, and no-one to talk to in the evenings. By the end of it I thought of the observatory as more of a "compound".
With hindsight, I really should have joined a frequent flyer club.

In 2008 I went back to Arecibo for a rather more pleasant two week observing run / conference.

In 2009 I did not go anywhere at all.

In 2010 I did not go anywhere at all.

2011 : With extreme trepidation, I moved to Arecibo to start my first postdoc. In May I went to Boston for a AAS meeting. In July I went to Green Bank, West Virginia, for a Single Dish Summer School - which was the most fun conference ever. There was also a small jaunt to St John and Culebra. I went back to Cardiff in September and for Christmas, probably making me the only person to live in the Caribbean and take their holidays in Wales.

2012 : After returning to Puerto Rico, I went back to Green Bank for another conference, and more importantly Washington D.C. for museums. In the summer I went to Socorro for another awesome summer school, followed immediately by a AAS meeting in Anchorage. October saw me back in Cardiff and London for a Star Trek convention. Christmas was also back in Cardiff, naturally.

2013 : I stopped in New York on my way to a winter AAS (my first, and so far only winter meeting) for 24 hours because I could. Then it was off to Long Beach for the meeting and whale-watching. This year the travelling summer school came to Arecibo, after which there another Culebra expedition was mounted. Having had enough of the jungle I left Arecibo to start a new postdoc in Prague, which requires a second map (because Europe is such an itty-bitty place).

The distances get smaller, the journey gets more complicated. After three weeks in Cardiff I went on a mental holiday (sort of like a mental hospital but with more drinking) in Switzerland. Zurich, Interlakken, Zermatt, then off to Marseille and Monaco. Back to Cardiff. Thence to Prague for a 3-day conference. Back to Cardiff. Back to Prague to start the new job. Then fall over.

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