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Saturday 30 November 2013

Blog update !

Regular readers may notice some changes to the blog. Irregular readers should eat more fibre, or see a doctor. A medical doctor. But anyway, in an effort to keep things organised, I've re-arranged the blog slightly. Since most of my posts revolve around pretty pictures, and often have revolving pretty pictures, I changed the layout so that large images will no longer intersect the side banner.

Well he seems happy enough, whoever he is. The side banner now has a subscribe button (at last !) and a link to follow me on Google+ (a.k.a. everyone's favourite anti-social network, where no-one gives a damn about what anyone did in the pub last night and instead posts epic science). There's also a list of labels, so if you don't care about my thoughts on creating the perfect piece of toast, it's easier to filter those out.
Mmm, toast.
Just to make things extra-specially organised, there are now separate pages with links to the more popular / interesting posts. Track my adventures in time and space in the travel section. View selected art highlights in the art section, only don't because instead you should buy some from StockTrek images. Or, if you'd rather actually learn something, try the popular science section. But don't do that either, because it's lame. Instead visit the unpopular science section, where science is explained with the help of an imaginary monkey, a princess, a magical moose and a potato.

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