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Thursday 12 July 2018

Ask An Astronomer Anything At All About Astronomy (XLVII)

Catching up on a remaining bunch of questions. As always, click the links for full answers, and if you want even more, have a browse through the enormous Q&A main page. Current grand total : 436 !

1) How hot does a pole get moving at mach 1 through the atmosphere ?
Ah, should I make an innuendo or a casually racist joke, or both ? SO HARD TO CHOOSE !

2) Are eyepieces overrated ?
Yeah they suck.

3) To stop the xenomorph infestation, should we nuke the ISS from the ground or from orbit ?
From the ground, because we don't have any nukes in orbit.

4) Are there really only four planets in the Solar System ?

5) You're lying about the size of Betelgeuse.
No I'm not.

6) What do you think of detecting belts of exoplanetary satellites to find aliens ?

7) Did you predict the battle of Callisto from the Expanse ?
Well I predicted a battle...

8) Could you make a colonial spaceship smaller using frozen genetic material instead of a living crew ?
Yes you could.

9)  Do you have to time everything just right to dock with a rotating space station ?
Yes, but it's not that bad.

10) Is the radial acceleration a good method to choose between the standard model and modified gravity theories ?
No it sucks.

11) What do you think of this paper on missing matter ?
It's OK. 7/10.

12) How much stuff has been found by microlensing ?
Not much.

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